Police Rely on Forensic Clues in Murder Investigation

The Campbell County Police Department is turning to forensic science to investigate the murder of prominent businessman, Robert Bosley.

Bosley was shot to death one week ago in his Campbell County cabin, while his wife and two children slept.

The cabin has now been turned back over to the family. Chief Keith Hill says it's important for them to start living their lives again. Police dragged a pond on the property and took the back door for analyzing. It's how police believe the killer got into the house.

Campbell County Police Chief Keith Hill says they've interviewed everyone they can and have collected enough evidence to fill a storage bin. Now, they'll need to rely on the lab for leads.

Right now, Chief Hill says they have no suspects. "Should the local people be concerned? You always need to be concerned about that" says Chief Hill, "Do we believe we have a person that poses a dangerous threat to any other people in the community, at this point we don't believe so. Again, we believe that this was either a crime of opportunity or Mr. Bosley knew his killer."

Chief Hill says it's important for anyone who saw anything or knows anything about the murder to call CrimeStoppers. The number is 352-3040.