CPD: Tasers Not Often Used

Tasers are often talked about, but the more than 1,000 Cincinnati Police officers are using them less often.

Fraternal Order of Police President Harry Roberts tells FOX 19, "That's exactly what was predicted . . . we found it to be true."

Roberts isn't surprised by statistics released Tuesday at a Cincinnati city council law committee meeting. In the third quarter of 2004 Tasers were used 172 times. In the 4th quarter of 2004 . . . 122 times. In the first three months of this year they were used just 117 times.

Roberts says, "It's a tool. An optional tool that actually saves lives. If we did not have the Taser there would be a lot more injuries to officers and to everyone involved."

That's backed up by the statistics as well. 25 of the 26 suspects injured by Tasers so far this year needed no medical attention. The one who did need attention had a dislocated shoulder.