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Text Slang: Breaking the Code


Many parents will buy their child a new phone for Christmas but before you purchase that piece of technology, our tech expert Dave Hatter warns parents to get up to speed on the latest text slang and abbreviations to keep your child safe.

Text slang can also be used as a sort of "secret code" to hide information in plain sight because many people won't understand the latest slang and can't translate the messages.

Unfortunately, kids know this and often use text slang to have conversations of a mature nature without their parents, teachers and others being able to decipher the conversation.

In some cases, the things that kids are hiding in their messages are things that they're doing or at least thinking about doing.

Additionally, predators learn the slang so that they can target children and carry on conversations that parents won't understand.

It's important for parents to be aware of text slang and try to keep up with the latest, but like so many things in our digital age, it's tough because it changes quickly.

Here's a few examples of what you could see on your kid's devices:

53X: sex
9 and CD9 both stand for "Code 9", which means parents are nearby
99: Parents are gone
a/s/l/p: age/sex/location/picture
ADR: Address
AITR: Adult in the room
Abe: $5 worth of drugs
Angie: Cocaine
Apache: Fentanyl
BIOYA: Blow it out your a**
BTTT: Been there, tried that
BURMA: Be undress ready my angel
Hard Candy: Heroin
ILY: I love you
POS: Parent over shoulder
WYWH: Wish you were here

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