Fernald Nuclear Waste

Radioactive waste to be trucked out of Ohio

Some of the most radioactive material at the former Fernald uranium processing site near Cincinnati is set to leave the state next week on trucks. About 15 vehicles a day will carry two canisters apiece of radioactive waste through to Texas. It's expected to take the rest of the year to move all four-thousand canisters. Other kinds of waste have been removed from Fernald by train and truck over the past 19 years but the K-65 material is the most radioactive. Flour Fernald is diluting the waste with concrete and other substances. A company spokesman says there's no immediate risk because it's not like the capsules will open up and go airborne. Others say there are unknown risks in the 13-hundred mile trip. Fluor Fernald has alerted officials in each of the seven states the trucks will pass through.