'Safe Haven' baby reunited with ER staff at West Chester Hospital

'Safe Haven' baby reunited with ER staff at West Chester Hospital

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - A baby, dropped off as a "Safe Haven" at West Chester Hospital, reunited with the nursing staff that took care of her in those crucial moments.

The adoptive parents of 4-year old Adrianna, said she's been asking where she came from.

Bob and Jessica said they thought it was best to be open with her, and decided to bring her back to West Chester Hospital to meet some of the people who were there the night she arrived.

"Registration staff is holding an brand new baby in a blanket and said, 'a mom just dropped her off, I don't know what to do.' So I said, 'It's OK, we can do this.' So I took the baby and we went back into a room," ER nurse Erin Ward said.

"We're all like like stunned, and you just kind of pause, and then your parent skills just start to kick in and you're like OK, 'do we have food, do we have formula,' and everyone working that night had kids I think, if I remember correctly and we all just wanted to hold the baby," Dr. Bill Naber said.

The Safe Haven laws allow mothers to drop off an infant anonymously without fear of arrest or prosecution, and to protect unwanted babies from being hurt.

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