Opinion: 'Rogue One' is as good as advertised

Opinion: 'Rogue One' is as good as advertised
(FOX19/Dan Romito)
(FOX19/Dan Romito)
(FOX19/Dan Romito)
(FOX19/Dan Romito)

FOX19 - I saw Rogue One over the weekend and I've been thinking about where I would rank it among my favorite Star Wars movies.

My favorite is "Empire Strikes Back."

"Empire" was a game-changer. It was the first movie I can remember seeing where I felt like the bad guys won at the end.

I've decided Rogue One is second for me; better than "A New Hope", better than "The Force Awakens."

It's largely because without the events of "Rogue One" there's no Luke Skywalker, there's no training on Dagobah, there's no death of the Emperor.

I took my two daughters Saturday night to the Rave Cinemas in Florence, where all kinds of people were dressed up as Star Wars characters.

So I did what any self-respecting 41-year-old man would do; I took selfies with them!

I was already giddy and that was before I even bought our tickets.

"Rogue One" tells the story of how the Death Star was built and how Princess Leia managed to get her hands on those plans.

Jyn Erso is the heroine of this one and she's every bit as good as Rey was in last year's "Force Awakens."

Side note: It's good to see Star Wars making female characters the leads. Now can we make Rey a jedi, please.

Anyway... Jyn leads her band on a seemingly impossible mission to get those plans.

There's enough new characters, mixed with nods to the originals to make die-hards nerds like myself happy.

The most recognizable droids in the galaxy make an appearance, alongside a new droid which will have you laughing out loud.

I'm not going to give anything away, but even though you know what's going to happen, it had me on the edge of my seat all the way through.

The suspense builds right up to the moment when Jyn and her group finally get the plans.

Will they be able to get them to the Rebellion?

We've all see "A New Hope" so we know they do, but dang, I had my doubts at some points.

"Rogue One" is a fantastic edition to the Star Wars canon, but more importantly, it's just a great movie.

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