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Hit-and-run victim searching for Good Samaritan


A Middletown woman is searching for the Good Samaritan that came to her rescue when she said others just passed her by.

She is the victim of a hit-and-run that happened on Saturday night, and she said she became trapped in her car and most didn't seem to care. 

"The car coming at me was the slowest motion I have ever seen in my life," Kelli Greenway said. 

She said the driver in the car hit her and took off. She also said as she was stuck in her car, her faith in people was damaged as no one was coming to her aid.

"Time went on and on and on, and it felt like hours, and it seemed like days. It felt like forever," Greenway said.

To her surprise, she said no one called 911 so she called herself.  

Greenway thinks she sat there for 13 minutes until someone cared enough to stop.

"This lady comes over and touches me. She didn't get me out. She touched me and said it was going to be OK because she heard the sirens coming," she said. 

Police in Middletown said they are investigating the hit-and-run.

As of now, it's unclear who was driving this black vehicle that hit Greenway on her way home from Christmas shopping.

She said she wants to say thank you to the woman who cared enough to stay with her until the ambulance came.

"I would definitely hug her and say thank you for stopping and being the only one," Greenway said.

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