Bush Holds Afternoon Press Conference

Despite setbacks, Bush vows to press Social Security, other priorites

President Bush is shrugging off recent setbacks on Capitol Hill and vowing to press on with a Social Security overhaul and other second-term priorities. He also acknowledges the White House is making plans for a Supreme Court vacancy.

At a Rose Garden news conference, the president complained that despite months of lobbying, "nothing's happening" on Social Security. Democrats have rejected anything that includes private retirement accounts, and a number of Republicans have been skeptical as well. However, Bush vowed to keep working for an overhaul -- and predicted he'll win in the end. He called it "like water cutting through a rock" and said "it's just a matter of time."

Meantime, a reporter asked about a likely Supreme Court opening. Bush replied he intends to appoint someone who shares his conservative philosophy, but will consult with Congress "at an appropriate time."