Teen with marijuana does push-ups instead of jail time

Teen with marijuana does push-ups instead of jail time

FOX19 - A teenager in Arlington, Texas near Dallas was caught smoking weed earlier this week, and the police officer who caught him handed out an unusual punishment.

Rather than arresting the teen and sending him downtown, the officer decided to allow him to do push-ups instead of jail time, according to a video uploaded to Facebook by Raiza Paredez. The young man was caught by the officer in an Arlington movie theater parking lot.

"Big UP's to the Arlington Police Officer that made the young black guy that decided to smoke weed on the movie theater parking lot to do push-ups then take him to jail or shoot him just Cuz," Paredez wrote. "We need more cops like this."

Paredez told the officer she was going to show the video to her own son as a reminder to "think twice," should he ever consider smoking marijuana.

Paredez's video has close to 2,000 likes and had been shared more than 1,500 times.

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