States ranked by how miserable winters are: Ohio comes in at 14

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An article put together by two writers, ranks 50 states by how miserable the winters are. They say they're experts because one grew up in the Midwest and the other in New England.

They factored in everything from weather patterns, average temperatures, how effectively and quickly crews clear highways, to interviews with locals and the historical success rates of their winter-season sports teams.

"This is one of those things where you probably actually want to finish last," they said.

Kentucky came in at 30.  "Kentucky always sounds like a very warm place to Northerners, who envision temperate climes where you can enjoy hot weather alongside your Hot Browns while wearing lavish hats filled with bourbon. And then you realize that it's basically southern Ohio," they said.

Indiana ranks 16 on the list.

"The Region (that's the creatively named NW corner of the state bordering Lake Michigan, for the uninitiated) definitely gets the worst of it - without warning, a foot of snow will just decide to show up and punch everyone in the face like a frosty Ron Artest. For a state that grapples with this kind of thing on a regular basis, I-65, the state's main artery, has a knack for turning into an undriveable frozen windswept hellscape to the point where the state actually shuts it down, forcing traffic onto equally dubious state highways. If you've ever stared into a barren tundra of a frozen harvested cornfield and thought to yourself that this could be the beginnings of the apocalypse, well... you are in a state known to serve up brain sandwiches. "

Ohio is two spots higher at 14.

"You've got the lake-effect snowstorms of Lake Erie along the Snowbelt, which can dump LeBron levels of snow on the Cleve. You've got the moderate cold of the central lowlands and Columbus. But then you've got Cincinnati and it's basically Kentucky's subtropical humid climate and wall lizards, which are something most people think of in Florida or Houston. So basically, Ohio is more like three separate winter regions, divided in weather, but united in
being forced to watch underachieving sports teams just as soon as college football is done."

Number one is Minnesota and Hawaii comes in at 50.

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