California Landslide

Laguna Beach landslide sends homes crashing down hill

California officials say a landslide has sent at least two people to the hospital with minor injuries and caused at least six expensive homes to slide down a hill.

A woman who lives nearby says her plumbing alerted her to the trouble. She says her pipes were "making funny noises and the toilet sounded like it was about to explode."

Helicopter TV footage shows smashed homes on a heavily built up road. Some surfed down the hill nearly intact, while others disintegrated, leaving trails of debris. A fire official says six homes have "major damage." The mayor of Laguna Beach says as many as 20 homes were damaged. She tells local TV residents called emergency officials early this morning. She says officials believe they evacuated everyone "who could be in harm's way."

Laguna Beach is about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles.