Safety around snow plows

Safety around snow plows

FOX19 - Cincinnati weather has been like a yo-yo, with the temperatures going up and down.

We all know the worst of the weather is yet to come in January, February and early March.

So over the next couple of months we want all of you to be safe on the roadways as you head out around the Tri-State.

As the snow moves into the area crews will be pre-treating and cleaning the roads all hours of the night and day.

So here are a few things to keep you safe around the road crews:

-Keep in mind that the field of vision is limited, so don't assume that they can see you. They have blind spots like all other vehicles.

-Stay at least four car lengths behind the road warriors, so the driver can see you.

-Snow plows generally travel under 35 mph. so people want to pass them.

-NEVER pass the snow plows on the right, keep in mind that the plows are pushing the snow to the right side of the plow.

-Keep in mind that the road is in worse shape in front of the salt trucks and snow plows.

-If you pass a truck make sure you allow clearance in front of the truck, they cannot stop easily.

-When you are approaching a snow plow on the smaller roadways, move as far away as possible from the center line to clear the snow blade.

-Drive with your lights on, to help you see and to be seen. Always clean off your head lights and tail lights.

-Don't be overconfident because you are in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Many times they are the ones in the accidents.

-The most important tip is to buckle up and slow down.

Please be safe as you are traveling, even just to and from the store.

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