Florida has 'no-see-ums,' we have Black ice

Florida has 'no-see-ums,' we have Black ice
"No-see-ums" (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ CSIRO)
"No-see-ums" (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ CSIRO)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Cincinnati winters seem to go up and down like a roller coaster.

The weather can dump everything on us during the winter months. We see anything from snow, ice, sleet, rain to even thunderstorms -- whatever mixes together in the atmosphere.

Something we don't see is black ice or also called clear ice, that's why we don't see it.

Black ice is like the "no-see-ums" (tiny biting insects) that eat you alive on the beach in Florida, you don't see it but you feel it. So when your tires hit it the slick spots we know.

No, the ice isn't black, it is transparent, so all you see is the road below making it appear black.

Black ice is a thin coating or just a glaze of ice on the surface of the roads, much like the frost you find on your windshield.

It forms on relatively dry roads at temperatures just below freezing and is invisible to drivers, that's why it's dangerous.

We always warn everyone that bridges and overpass can be especially dangerous.

Black ice forms on bridges and overpasses first because they are elevated surfaces.

The cold air can circulate both above and below the roadway so the temperature d rops more rapidly.

Across the United States you will see road signs warning of areas that may freeze or ice up such as Road Ices, Bridge Ices Before Road, or  Icy Bridge.

The signs are there for a reason, heed the warning, especially if you see the outside temperature showing the near 32 degrees.

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