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Kara Sewell: You, Me and YouTube

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My New Year’s resolution was to start a YouTube channel in 2017 and take viewers with me out of the studio to answer some of my most asked questions.

This week, I’m getting my hair done at salon Parlour, in East Walnut Hills, and I'm taking you with me!

After years of being very blonde I decided to ease into being more of a brunette to make my hair care more manageable and to save my tresses from damage.

My stylist Chrissy Reiff has more than a decade of experience, she walks us through the process of going darker or lighter and what she tells clients who want to make that change.

She's also showing us how to do it safely so you don't damage your hair while using products that protect. You can see more of Chrissy's work by visiting her Instagram page.  

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