Adoption app criticized, Kickstarter campaign suspended

LOVELAND, OH (FOX 19) - A new adoption app in the works is already getting a lot of negative feedback before it has even launched.

The app is called Adoptly and it works similar to the dating app Tinder, where you can swipe left or right, but instead of picking a date you select the child of your choice.

Once you pick the child of your choice, and if the adoption agency agrees it's a match, the adoption process begins. The Adoptly app was trying to raise funds on Kickstarter, but now their campaign has now been suspended.

Some say it's the sign on the times. We use our phones and tablets for just about everything. However, the staff at Adoption Star in Loveland said adding a child to your family isn't as simple as searching for a date online.

Kathleen Krissey is the Director of Adoption at Adoption Star and isn't impressed with the proposed app.

"We don't have children for people to look through we identify a child who's in need and we work with that case," Krissey said.

She says finding the right child for your family isn't as simple as clicking through a few pictures.

"It's so important for people who are looking to adopt to have the education to have the education what adoption is all about how to raise a child who's adopted," she said.

Krissey also said state law requires background checks for parents plus many other steps that can't easily be simplified in an app.

On the Kickstarter page, the co-founder Josh Weber explains in a video that the current adoption system is outdated and the app would speed up the process.

Weber said that those who use the app would still have to go through background checks.

Krissey's concerned that the new technology could cause many children especially the older ones to get overlooked. She said teens typically stay in foster care the longest.

"It's very difficult to find a permanent loving forever family for them, so a lot of it if finding families for teenagers who have been in care and are in need of a family," she said.

For years she has been working to help families find their perfect child and while it may take time, she said it's a system that works and that can be trusted.

"If there's a child who's in need of a family we'll find a family for that child regardless of the circumstances," Krissey said.

Kickstarter did not explain why the campaign for the app was suspended.

It still may not be the end for Adoptly on Indiegogo, which is similar to Kickstarter, the Adoptly app funding campaign is currently under review.

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