Twinkies ice-cream hitting store shelves

Twinkies ice-cream hitting store shelves

(FOX19) - Twinkies lovers can now have their beloved snacks in ice-cream form. Hostess announced its partnership with Nestle back in December.

Though some tubs are already on store shelves, the Twinkies ice-cream should arrive next month and last until May at most stores.

There are two other varieties: Hostess CupCakes and Sno Balls.

According to a December press release, Hostess wasn't going to start selling the ice cream until mid-February. But consumers are already spotting the items ahead of schedule in the frozen food aisle, reports "The Impulsive Buy."

The unique treat, produced with Nestle, is also supposed to be available in Dollar General stores and convenience stores (based on the stores' own schedules), according to "CSP Magazine."

The new ice cream isn't technically the first time Hostess has brought Twinkies into the frozen food aisle.

Last August, the company unveiled pre-packaged deep-fried Twinkies. That product is dipped in funnel cake batter and flash fried before being frozen.

They can then be heated up in a toaster or regular oven within a few minutes for a toasty, Twinkie treat.

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