VIDEO: Groom gets Jurassic greeting from T-Rex bride

VIDEO: Groom gets Jurassic greeting from T-Rex bride

(FOX19) - They say marriage is better with laughter – with that said, this marriage should last a life time thanks to a T-Rex inflatable costume.

Usually "first looks" are a very emotional time for the bride and groom, where they present themselves to each other in their snazzy wedding get-up before the affair.

This couple, who was married on North Carolina's Bald Head Island, took their first look to the next level, leaving everyone who watches it chuckling, and making brides all over the world wondering how they didn't think of this amazing idea.

The video shows the groom anxiously awaiting the bride's arrival while holding flowers.

To his surprise, when it's time to turn around, he's floored by her inflatable T-Rex costume.

After many laughs and kisses, the bride, assisted by her delighted groom, steps out of the costume to reveal her wedding dress.

"I was totally floored when I turned around and saw her in this. Floored I tell you!!!!!!!! You did an amazing job capturing this moment, thank you so much," groom Thomas Gardner said on Facebook.

The video, posted on Facebook Monday by Jon Clark Weddings, has already gotten over two million views.

"It just warms my heart to see that so many people got a giggle out of this too," bride Beth Gardner said on Facebook.

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