Recipe: First Watch Avocado Toast

FOX19 - Learn how to make First Watch's Avocado Toast: thick-cut whole grain toast topped with fresh smashed avocado, EVOO, lemon and Maldon sea salt. Served with two cage-free basted eggs.


-Add as much or as little avocado as you'd like to a mixing bowl, and add seasonings like salt and pepper to taste.

-Add a splash of olive oil and lemon or lime.

-We recommend using a whole grain toast, which works with the avocado and lemon to create a great flavor profile.

-Using a thick-cut bread is makes for a sturdier base and can hold more avocado!

-We recommend making basted eggs. That means we cover two frying eggs to cook them more thoroughly with the steam created. They're easy to prepare, and our customers love them.