Search Continues

Hundreds of volunteers help police in Aruba search

About 700 people are helping police, soldiers and FBI agents comb the southeastern tip of Aruba for a missing honors student from Alabama.

The initial call went out to search the entire island. But a police commander says it had to be scaled down when they realized how big Aruba is. About ten buses drove volunteers to the area. One volunteer says she's helping because she wants to "keep Aruba's name good." The Caribbean island saw just one murder and six rapes last year. Searchers are walking in straight lines with Dutch royal marines. They're poking scrubland and sand with long wooden sticks. The coast guard has already searched the area by foot, boat and helicopter. Police are planning another large-scale effort tomorrow.

Natalee Holloway vanished a week ago on a school trip. Two men arrested in her disappearance go before a judge tomorrow.