Valentine's Day weather past and present

. - Valentine's Day is looking pretty good this year. Some isolated rain showers and perhaps a flake or two of snow in the early morning, but clouds will break up some in the afternoon. It will be a fairly warm one with highs around 52; nearly 10 degrees above average.
By the evening clouds will begin to increase again, but things look dry when most people will be out for dinner. There is a small chance for some snow flurries late Tuesday night, but many will likely miss out. Low temps will be around 30.
This year's Valentine's Day weather is far different than last year. In 2016, high temps only made it to 21 and low temps bottomed out at 11 in Cincinnati. We also saw 2.9 inches of snow.
Even 2016 pales in comparison to the most extreme Valentine's Day weather we've seen though. The warmest Valentine's day occurred in 1918 when the high temp made it to 71. The lowest temperature, -5, occurred in 1905.
The wettest Valentine's day was 1908 with 1.84 inches of rain. And if you ventured out in 1986, you dealt with Cincinnati's snowiest Valentine's Day, when 4.6 inches of snow fell. Good weather to enjoy a nice, warm fire with that special someone!

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