Council members want to crackdown on streetcar parking violators

Council members want to crackdown on streetcar parking violators

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - New numbers are rolling out on the Cincinnati Bell Connector. According to the city, ridership is above its Sept. 1 to Dec. 31 year to date estimate.

The Transportation and Regional Cooperation Committee met Tuesday afternoon and was also briefed on the streetcar's revenue.

"Overall the numbers of the streetcar are loOKing great. Revenues are exceeding projection, so overall the system seems to be doing well," said Council member Chris Seelbach.

Though the committee seems to be pleased with most numbers, there were numbers that didn't sit well on their minds. The amount of streetcar blockages and streetcar parking violators are increasing every month.

Parking division officials say that parking violators who are in their vehicles are told about the parking rules, seeking to educate the drivers and then are told to move.

Some council members disagree with that method.

"But if I'm blocking the street car, how many times until you council me or engage me," said Vice- Mayor David Mann."

"At the very lease these people are double parking in places where they shouldn't. And we need to send a clear message that that's not ok," said council member Yvette Simpson.

Seelbach is looking to raise fines for parking infractions.

"That ties up the whole system when a car is blocking one route, all of the cars have to stop so I'm proposing that we increase the fines from $50 to either a $100 to $250," he said. 

Right now, the largest percentages of streetcar blockage outside of police and fire response, are delivery trucks and vehicles.

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