As Seen on TV winners and losers

(FOX19) - Those "As Seen on TV" commercials promise amazing results, but do they work? FOX19 NOW put some of the most popular products to the test.

A workout board, a microwave cleaner, and a brush that straightens your hair.

The Simply Fit Board promises to tone your entire body in just minutes a day.

JD Marcum owns Florence Strength and Conditioning. He's trained hundreds of men and women looking for results like this product promises.

The board promises you'll feel a burn within 60 seconds or your money back guaranteed.

JD predicts you'd see some progress by using the Simply Fit Board, but to get the results it promises, it will take much more than just this one type of exercise on a daily basis.

"We have to balance the right kind of exercise with the right kind of nutrition, the right hydration and the right amount of sleep," he said.

The Angry Mama microwave cleaner claims to be able to, "get deep into corners, break down and melt away grease and grime so all you do is wipe away."

The directions call for adding vinegar and water, microwaving on high for seven minutes, and then letting it sit.

"Let's still looks disgusting inside. Absolutely disgusting," Amy Wagner with Simply Money said.

After wiping it down, she said it loosened some of the grease, but only some of it.

"This is definitely better, but to clean this microwave would have taken a miracle and this is not a miracle," Wagner said.

The Simply Straight Brush promises, ""you could simply brush your curly hair straight instantly with simply straight."

Amanda Lewis said she always straightens her hair with a straightener, so she gave the straightening brush a try.

"I feel the heat, getting straighter but it's definitely taking a few tries to straighten it out," she said.

Dana Smith, who has curly hair, also tested it.

Not only did the Simply Straight Brush burn her several times, it took six tries on one segment of hair to actually straighten her curls.

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