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Verizon or T-Mobile? The best plans for 'unlimited' data

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Verizon just unveiled a brand-new unlimited data plan—but how does its price tag—and *fine print* stack up against the competition?

Verizon’s new unlimited plan is $80 a month for one user if you agree to use auto-pay and ditch the paper statements. 

The plan also comes with mobile hotspot capability, though Verizon will throttle, or slow, your hotspot speeds after you hit 10 gigabytes every month.

Also in the fine print: Your data speeds could be throttled too.

“I’m pretty sure it throttles at 22 gigabytes. Now that’s a lot of data to use with a mobile phone, unless someone is streaming videos almost constantly in a month, you’re not gonna hit that kind of bandwidth,” says Tech Expert Dave Hatter.

Verizon has some tough competition from T-Mobile, which offers unlimited data for $70 a month. That includes all taxes and fees.

And when Verizon made its big announcement, T-Mobile announced it would add mobile hotspot service too.

 AT&T also offers an unlimited plan for $100 a month, but only for DirecTV subscribers.

The Simply Money point here: Look at how much data you normally use, to make sure that throttling won’t be a hassle for you, then compare prices. Right now, T-Mobile appears to offer the best deal.

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