Opinion: Sorry to say, new beer is mostly hype

Opinion: Sorry to say, new beer is mostly hype

FOX19 - There's something so good about drinking an ice cold beer. So refreshing, but it has to be the right beer.

I had the fortune to drink one of Braxton Brewery's new Black Raspberry Chip beers.

I'm glad I had the chance to try it, but in my opinion, this brew is all hype.

Braxton teamed up with Graeter's about a month ago and the beer has been insanely popular.

A co-worker tells me it had been sold out of nearly every Kroger he's looked.

Well, he managed to get his hands on a four-pack and he passed one along to me.

I drank it last night and it tastes like nearly every other stout I've had.

That's not to say that it's bad; it's pretty good if you like stout beer. Just nothing overly special.

It's a little smoother (just a little) going down than Guiness and leaves a little bit of a chocolate aftertaste, but I guess I was expecting more.

The whole Graeter's beer thing is just a novelty and it hooked me.

Braxton makes some good beer.

I've had a few of their other varieties.

I wouldn't say this one tastes any better than the rest; it's just getting more attention.

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