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Flying Pig Marathon: Proper stretching

(Courtesy: The Stretching Institute) (Courtesy: The Stretching Institute)

Can you believe that the Flying Pig Marathon is just about 10 weeks away?

To help get you ready for the big day, Cameron Simoneau with the Tri-State Running Company has some tips on how to prepare:


Purpose is to:      

1.  Increase temperature of muscles by increasing blood
2.  Get more fuel to muscles (via increased blood flow)
3.  Get nervous system more activated

*Remember, you are preparing to move vigorously, so you need to get moving gently first.

Ideal warm-up:

1. Do light movement exercises, such as: Marching in Place, Easy Lunges, Light Leg Swings, Toe Bounces, Arm Swings, etc. Just get whole body moving lightly.

2.  If you have areas that you know are particularly tight, you can use Stick or Foam Roller to pre-loosen these spots.

3.  Start your run or walk very gently for several minutes, then work gradually up to desired pace. Don’t Force Body to Warm-up. Allow it to get to desired pace naturally.

*If pressed for time (as we often are), you can simply start your run or walk at a Very Low Level, and gradually work down to desired pace over several minutes. 

*Static Stretching (holding a stretch in one position) is Not Part of Warm-up. You can’t get ready to move by holding still!

*Pet Example: Dogs and cats don’t static stretch. When they get up to go, they walk slowly, stretching limbs behind them. 


Purpose is to start to get body back toward resting level, and to enhance recovery.

Ideal cool-down:

1.  Keep moving gently (walking or slow jogging) for about 5 minutes. This will help keep blood from pooling in the legs, and will also start to flush out any waste products (like lactic acid).

2. Movement (mobility) Exercises: Muscles will be warmer so you will be able to move easier with increased flexibility. Some exercises: Leg Swings (front to back, side to side), front and back Hurdle Walk Overs (pretend walking over a hurdle both forwards and backwards), Walking Knee to Chest.

3. Static Stretching: Hold at fairly comfy stretch (no pain) for 20-30 sec. Be sure to stretch quads, hamstrings, hips, inner thighs, hip flexors, calves.

4. Foam Roll, Stick, Ball on problem areas. You’ll be warmer, so can get some good work done post-workout.

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