Zoo: Fiona’s a little hippo with big personality

Zoo: Fiona’s a little hippo with big personality

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's beloved premature hippo has finally reached normal birth weight.

In the last week alone, she's gained 12 pounds, putting her at just under 60 pounds, the zoo said Monday.

The zoo said Fiona is eating every three hours and wanders around her nursery space bumping into things in hopes of finding an udder.

Fiona's personality is starting to show, according to the zoo.  She's even started to grunt. In the zoo's latest blog post, they describe Fiona as a "Little hippo with big personality."

The one-month-old is also playing in a larger pool. Zoo officials say Fiona has already outgrown two pools.

Her IV has been removed which allows Fiona to have some much-needed supervised pool time. Playing in the pool allows her to develop lung strength, muscle and allows her to act like a hippo. Fun fact: Hippos don't swim, they float.

Zoo officials say Fiona's pool is close to her mom and dad so she can hear and smell them.

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