February 2017 second warmest February in Cincinnati history

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The final numbers are in and February 2017 will go down as the second warmest February in Cincinnati weather history. The average temperature for the month was 44.0, warmer than any other February except 1882, which saw an average temperature of 46.4. Weather records date back to 1870. Compared to a normal February, 44.0 is 9.5 degrees above average.
Normal high temperatures for the month of February range from 40 at the beginning of the month to 47 at the end of the month. This February, only four days saw high temperatures below normal. While some of the above normal days were only a few degrees off, other days saw high temperatures significantly above normal.
The highlight of the month was a remarkable warm stretch from February 17th through February 24th. This tied the record for the longest stretch of high temperatures 60 degrees or warmer in February. The last and only other time we've seen 8 days in a row that warm was back in 1930.
The warmest day of the month, February 24th, saw a high temperature of 78°. This high temperature broke three records. Not only was it the warmest February 24th ever, it was also the warmest temperature ever recorded in February, and the warmest temperature ever recorded in meteorological winter (December, January, and February). The previous warmest temperature during this three month period was 77 back on January 24, 1943.

Will the unusually warm weather continue? While there will be cool shots, it does look like this spring will be warmer than usual as well. There's a good chance this trend will continue through the summer as well. While there aren't any signs that it will be a record breaking summer as a whole, there's a good chance we'll see new record highs set on some days and only a small chance we'll see new record lows set.
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