Tips for the perfect pancakes on National Pancake Day

Tips for the perfect pancakes on National Pancake Day

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Mixing up a batch of hotcakes at home? We've got tips from Sleepy Bee Cafe for National Pancake Day.

1) Don't over-mix your batter. You are trying to quickly and evenly moisten most of the flour and then stop. You want to the gluten proteins to loosen and become elastic but not to overdevelop. Joey can demo folding the dry ingredients into the wet.

2) You are looking for air bubbles to develop from the chemical leaveners and be held by a flexible and open gluten network. When you over-mix you limit opportunities for air pockets to develop and be held resulting in flat and rubbery pancakes.

3) Only flip once. Let your pancake sit on one side until the bubbles have slowed down and the pancake is cooked to golden. Flip once and let the pancake finish cooking. You will see the middle rise from the air pockets and as soon as it starts to deflate it is done.

4) Add-ins will slow down the cook-time, especially if you add them in late. You want to put them in early so they have time to warm up with the batter, not cool it down when they're added. Might be fun to do blueberry and plain pancakes.

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