Plans to Boost Mainstrasse

If you like partying on Beal street in Memphis, or Bourbon street in New Orleans. You would love Covington may do on Mainstrasse. They want to close off the streets, and let folks bar hop with beers in hand. Covington city leaders believe it would create an amazing energy and boost business.

Turning Main and Sixth streets into Mainstrasse's version of Beal Street sounds like a great idea to Covington business owners. "Anything that could bring energy to the area in terms of attracting more people," said Craig Johnson, co-owner of the Cock and Bull Pub.

Bar owners like Johnson believe it would boost their already booming business and neighboring shops---like the Gothic Edge--- would love a piece of the pie. This small eclectic shop sells jewelry, costumes, and offers psychic readings. If folks out on the town are allowed to float around with their drinks the owners of the Gothic edge believe they'll get a lot more visitors.

"Bars are really successful they're dominating so much that this would actually be spreading the wealth," said John Simon, owner of the Gothic Edge.

People who simply live in the neighborhood aren't quite as enthusiastic.

"I think it's a good idea for business but it's kind of inconsiderate for the people that live here because then we can't even park on the streets," said Michelle Daly.

That's why the city is holding a pulbic hearing on the proposal this Thursday night.

"We want to make everybody as happy as possible this is about the's not about one group or another so we have concerns about our residents."

Meanwhile across the river on Mainstreet in Cincinnati, Council member John Cranley says he's frustrated. He proposed a similar plan 2 years ago but council didn't support it.

"I think fundamentally there was a lack of vision to move forward," said Cranley.

Cranley says Cincinnati's Main Street, which has struggled since the riots in 2001, is on the path toward recovery.

"But the reality is this is the kind of bold action that I proposed that we should be taking and Covington is taking," said Cranley.