Freeze Warning for parts of Tri-State

Freeze Warning for parts of Tri-State

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It may be hard to believe after temperatures soared to nearly 70 degrees on Thursday, but a hard freeze is expected Friday night.

Everyone in the Tri-State will see low temperatures in the low 20s to upper teens early Saturday.

The Freeze Warning has only been issued for Northern Kentucky.


Any freeze warnings this early in the spring is unusual.

On average, we don't see these warnings until mid-April, when damage may occur to plants.

This is an issue in the spring when flowers bloom.

This year, blooming started earlier than usual due to the abnormally warm February temperatures.

While we're seeing blooms across the Tri-State, Northern Kentucky is seeing the most.

This prompted the Department of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky to advise the National Weather Service to start issuing freeze warnings for the state.

The same call has not been made in Indiana or Ohio yet, so freeze warnings are not being issued at this time.

Freeze warnings in these states are expected to begin earlier than normal as well, though.

The blooms we're seeing now will die in temperatures this cold.

If you have flowers you will want to protect them. Cover your plants with a light blanket, sleeping bag, or bed sheet.

Plastic bags are not adequate protection.

You might want to leave your plants covered for the time being.

Overnight lows are expected to be at or below freezing Friday night through most of next week.

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