Former Basketball Player Sentenced

Former Baylor basketball player gets 35 years for killing ex-teammate

A Texas judge has sentenced former Baylor basketball player Carlton Dotson to 35 years in prison in the murder of an ex-roommate and teammate.

Dotson could have received a life prison term in the murder of Patrick Dennehy.

He pleaded guilty unexpectedly to the slaying a week ago, without making a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Dennehy went missing for six weeks before his body was found in a field several miles from the Baylor campus in 2003.

A prosecution report included FBI documents detailing Dotson's confession to shooting Dennehy, saying he was led by "a higher power" to tell agents what happened.

Dotson claimed Dennehy had pointed a gun at him after the pair went to a gravel pit for target practice, but the gun had jammed.

Dotson then said he shot his friend.