Train Delays Derail Tri-State Truckers

Cincinnati is the talk of the international shipping industry after delays at a West Side train off-loading facility require police action. Wednesday police officers had to clear idling trucks and their drivers out of the roadway in Queensgate. Cargo container haulers say Norfolk Southern's 8th Street facility routinely has three hour delays and is well over its intended capacity. That capacity is said to be about 900 cargo containers a week. Right now industry insiders say there are 1200 or more containers coming in weekly. Greg Larimer an agent for Horizon Freight System tells FOX 19, "I've got 18 drivers and they're losing $200 to $300 a day out of their pocket." Driver Terry Lowe says, "We don't get paid by the hour. We get paid by the load, so it really puts a big part of your day out." Norfolk Southern spokesman Rudy Husband says the container facility has seen double digit growth in the past five years. And he says they're inheriting traffic CSX used to handle plus they're re-scheduling employee shifts around the clock. Bottom line Husband says, "We're aware of the delays and alternatives are being considered right now." Industry experts say the added expenses for freight haulers will eventually be passed on to all consumers in the form of increases in product prices.