Fitness Candy

Candy industry's latest target is fitness market

Candy for fitness enthusiasts may sound like a contradiction in terms. But it doesn't sound that way to candy makers who are targeting people seeking to boost athletic performance or quickly grab a jolt of energy. Industry insiders and analysts gathered in Chicago for North America's largest candy trade show say the odd pairing of candy and fitness might just make economic sense. Consumers are scooping up more than three billion dollars a year in "energy" gels, bars and drinks, and observers say the candy industry must continue to innovate if it's going to sweeten the bottom line.

For example, there are jelly beans fortified with vitamins C and E plus electrolytes to boost energy and prevent dehydration. Another company has come up with energy chews made with caffeine, ginseng, and guarana. And there's caffeine-rich, vitamin-fortified gum.