Mom carrying baby without brain won’t be able to donate organs

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County mother decided to carry her baby with severe birth defects in hopes of donating the baby's organs.

Megan Miller and her fiancé Justin found out their unborn daughter tested positive for anencephaly – a major birth defect where the baby is born without a large portion of the brain or skull.

With very few exceptions, babies do not survive longer than a few hours, or possibly days after birth.

Knowing that her baby had a very slim chance at life, she decided to be courageous with an inevitable plan of giving life to others. Megan shared her selfless plan in an interview with Tricia Macke last month.

Sadly, Megan's baby girl didn't make it to term. She gave birth to Sunday night just shy of 37 weeks, meaning the baby was too little to donate any organs.

Megan's original due date was in May.

Megan, Justin and the rest of the family were able to hold the baby for several hours before the funeral home took the child. They named her Makenzie Lenn.

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