Locked Cars Targeted By Thieves

Unlocked or locked some Tri-State thieves are proving to be very good at breaking into cars. The middle of the night crime spree is focused on neighborhoods along I-71 in both Hamilton and Warren Counties. David Slyby moved his family to the Mason area for a better chance at crime-free living. This week crime moved in on him and nearly a dozen of his Charleston Park subdivision neighbors. Slyby, who had a DVD player stolen from his SUV has advice for Tri-Staters who don't park in garages at night. Don't leave anything in your car you don't want to lose. Warren and Hamilton County investigators are looking into incidents during the last 10 days in Symmes, Sycamore and Deerfield Townships, Blue Ash, and the Morrow area. Most if not all are believed to be the work of professional thieves focused on laptop computers and new car audio equipment. So far there are no suspects.