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February 2017 second warmest February globally


Earlier this month, FOX19 NOW reported that Cincinnati experienced the second warmest February in recorded weather history. Now, we can report that it was also the second warmest February for the entire planet.
Not only did much of the United States see record breaking warmth, but Siberia did as well. Europe experienced a notably warm February as well. The Southern Hemisphere was cooler, but also saw temperatures that were above the mean February temperature from 1951-1980, the time period currently being used as the base. Only a few portions of the planet experienced below normal temperatures.

The only February that was warmer than this one was February 2016. Global temperatures were 1.3 degrees Celsius warmer than normal, compared to 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer in 2017.
The analysis of temperatures is conducted by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and uses about 6,300 weather stations across the planet’s land surfaces. It also includes buoy and ship thermometers to incorporate sea surface temperatures.

Global temperature records date back to 1880. Before this, there weren’t enough weather instruments across the planet to make appropriate comparisons.
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