Radio traffic: Cincinnati cop charged with carrying AR-15 while drunk pointed it at fellow officer

Radio traffic: Cincinnati cop charged with carrying AR-15 while drunk pointed it at fellow officer

MOUNT AIRY, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati police officer arrested and charged with using an AR-15 style rifle while drunk pointed that weapon at another officer responding to a report of a fight, police radio recordings show.

Officer David Jenkins, 45, was off duty when he acted as a police officer in an official capacity on duty by searching hallways early Monday, court records state.

His fellow officers encountered him when they were called to investigate shortly after 1:30 a.m. somewhere in the District 5 area, police records released Thursday state.

The location of the run was redacted in records released to the media.

FOX19 NOW has learned the incident occurred in an apartment building on High Tower Lane in Mt. Airy.

"The people upstairs are in a very big spat and it sounds like somebody might be hitting somebody," a female caller told the 911 dispatcher.

According to the radio traffic:

When police arrived, they said they saw an armed man in an apartment building claiming to be an officer and left until backup officers could respond.

"We got a guy in this hallway with a rifle. He claimed to be a cop," one of the officers told the dispatcher.

"We actually retreated. We're outside and get some more cars out here to help us out."

The dispatcher asked for a description of the armed man.

At that point, Jenkins got on the police radio and identified himself by giving his badge number, confirmed Tiffaney Hardy, police spokeswoman.

Then, he gave out the wrong description of the suspect.

"He just told me he was a cop. I'm about to confront him, and he's obviously not a cop. So do what you need to do and get somebody here fast," Jenkins told a dispatcher.

He said the suspect was a man between the ages of 19 and 24.

But an on-duty officer at the scene disputed that.

"Negative, male, black, bald hair, clean shaven face. He had a Cincinnati police jacket. He pointed an AR-15 at me."

Police and dispatchers then discussed whether there were two men, not one, inside the apartment building.

That theory was apparently dismissed because an officer is heard saying:  "Can you have Officer Jenkins put his gun down and step outside?"

"Yeah, I'm coming," came the response.

A computer-aided dispatch report of the run, also called a CAD, says the person with the AR-15 is off-duty Officer Jenkins and there is no other gunman.

Officer Jenkins was arrested on two misdemeanor charges, using weapons while intoxicated and disorderly conduct.

He was cited to appear in court and released, Hamilton County sheriff's officials have said. He was not booked into the Hamilton County jail.

A court date has not been scheduled.

The day of his arrest, Officer Jenkins stripped of his police powers, gun and badge and placed on desk duty. Police Chief Eliot Isaac wrote Thursday in a memo to City Manager Harry Black.

He will remain on desk duty until the case is adjudicate.

Officer Jenkins joined Cincinnati police since 2002 and has worked in District 3 on the city's west side since 2002, his personnel file shows.

Recent job performance reviews are good, showing he exceeded or met all expectations.

Supervisors call him dependable, hard-working and wrote that he is well-liked and respected by other officers.

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