Amazon planning virtual reality furniture, home appliances store


(FOX19) - Amazon has plans to open physical furniture and home appliance stores that let customers shop in virtual reality.

The technology would give people the ability to see how the couch or refrigerator looks in their home before buying it, sources have revealed to "The New York Times."

An Amazon spokesman told the NYT: "We are always thinking about new ways to serve customers, but thinking is different than planning."

Amazon is also believed to be following Apple's lead with an electronics-store concept.

The store could include technology associated with Amazon devices and services.

bookstore in 2015 in Seattle's University Village,
which was dubbed 'a physical extension' of its online platform.  Now, the firm has five locations spread-out across the US – with five more coming soon.  And most recently, Amazon realized that there is big money to be made in the grocery business.  Last December,
the firm unveiled a convenience store in downtown Seattle that replaces cashiers with technology found in self-driving cars.

This report was given the same day the 'Amazon Go' launch was delayed. Amazon Go will allow customers enter the store using an accompanied app, grab the items they need, and are able to walk out without stopping at a register.

The app uses a range of sensors that detect what shoppers take off shelves and bills it to their Amazon account if they don't put it back, but a new development has revealed that Amazon is facing a few challenges with some of the technology, but that is not stopping them from broadening their retail focus.

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