Kentucky named one of the most stressed states in America

Kentucky named one of the most stressed states in America

FOX19 - A new review, compiled by data analysis site WalletHub, determined the Heart of Dixie to be the worst when it came to tension in work and personal life.

Alabama came top in the highest percentage of adults with poor health, the fewest average hours of sleep per night, and the least amount of mental health facilities per capita.

The bottom five all fell in the south: Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky, according to WalletHub.

Meanwhile, Minnesota took the top grade as the least stressed state in the country.

It was followed by four states in Middle America: North Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota and Utah.

Ohio and Indiana came in at 17 and 19 respectively.

Although stress levels reached their lowest point in 2016 in nearly a decade, they're on the uptick this year.

During the 10-year period when stress was declining, Americans commonly identified 'money, work and the economy' as their biggest sources of worry.

Today, anxiety centers around the election outcome, current political climate, uncertainty of our nation's future and fear of violence.

To reach its findings, WalletHub compared the states and the District of Columbia across four key dimensions: work-related stress, money-related stress, family-related stress, and health and safety-related stress.

Several categories were looked at including average hours worked per week, percent of the population living below the poverty line, divorce rates and the share of adults getting adequate sleep.

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