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House Passes Flag-Burning Amendment

The House has once again approved a constitutional amendment that would let Congress outlaw flag burning.

It is the seventh time since the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is constitutionally protected free speech that the House has approved this amendment.

The vote was 286-to-130, more than the two-thirds majority needed to send the measure to the Senate.

Supporters say the amendment reflects the increased patriotism in the wake of September eleventh. They also accuse detractors of being out of touch with public sentiment. Opponents argued the amendment would infringe on the free speech that the flag stands for, and would open the door on further limiting the First Amendment.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where it was last considered five years ago.

 Supporters and opponents both say the four-seat GOP gain in last year's elections brings the amendment very close to the two-thirds vote it needs for approval in the Senate. It would then go to the states for ratification.

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