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NKY mom upset son being denied access to prom

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A Northern Kentucky mom is outraged that her son is being denied access to his girlfriend's prom.

She believes he is being blacklisted because he attends an alternative school.

Maria Blanchet helped her son's girlfriend pick out the perfect dress for prom this Saturday only to find out that he can't go. She got the news from staff at Dixie Heights High School when she went to buy the prom tickets.

"They came in and she said, 'Michael can't go,' and I said, 'why can't Michael go.' She said he goes to the Bartlett Center," said Blanchet.

The Bartlett Educational Center is an alternative school. Blanchet's son Michael Burton is a junior at the school. His girlfriend, Antesy Eas, is a junior at Dixie Heights. Eas said she has been planning this event for several months.

"I was upset. I feel like they were in the wrong for it," she said. 

Blanchet said her son doesn't have any record of bad behavior.

"I said, 'well as you know, my son is not there for discipline reasons. He's there because he has ADHD," she said.

Blanchet was hoping a letter from her son's Assistant Principal, saying that he is attending the Bartlett Education Center for academic reasons would be enough to vouch for him, but Dixie Heights stands firm with their decision.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Jess Dykes, the director of public information and community engagement for Kenton County Schools. She said students from other schools are allowed to the prom, but the administration can allow and deny any guests they choose.

"There's a procedure that you have to go through and so they went through that procedure and they were not granted permission to go to this prom," said Dykes. 

She wouldn't go into detail why Burton was not granted permission.

Eas said since she can't bring her boyfriend to the prom on Saturday, she will make other plans.

"We're going to do a double date with his mom and step dad," she said. 

"We're going to soup up the car and take them out on a nice cruise. Take them to a park. Take pictures of them and stuff and then take them out to dinner, but that's not what she wants. She deserves to go to her prom," said Blanchet.

She said she will continue to contact the school until she learns why her son is being excluded.

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