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11-year-old boy uses roller coasters to fight fears, help others

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Since its opening, more than 20,000 people have taken a ride on the newest attraction at Kings Island – Mystic Timbers.

On Friday, a boy from Liberty Township will take his first ride on the new wooden coaster, but his ride will be unlike any other.

For Logan Joiner, roller coasters are therapeutic and has helped him overcome his struggles with autism, all while helping others.

Joiner hasn’t always been an aficionado of the tracks.

"He was afraid of loud noises, fast moving things and surprises. But he loved these coasters,” said Logan’s dad, Jeff Joiner.

Logan is on the autism spectrum.

"People think it's a disability. I think it's a strength. I think it's how God made me,” Logan said.

Against the grain, Logan took an interest in coasters one day a few years ago. It’s turned into a full blown obsession, and has helped him overcome his symptoms and fears.

It has now turned into a bedroom full of amusement park souvenirs, the Koaster Kids brand name, and a YouTube channel

Logan also uses his video channel to rate his coaster rides, and challenge his viewers.  He asks them to pick something their afraid of and to conquer a fear by being brave.

"We started getting comments and emails and videos from all over the world from kids saying, 'Hey! Logan has inspired me. If he can do it, I can do it,’” said Jeff.

At just 11-years-old, Logan has strapped in to about 200 coasters anywhere you can imagine.

Each ride helps spread his message of bravery and courage to help others.

"At the end, they're always so proud of themselves that they did something that they couldn't have ever imagined they would do, and they're so proud of themselves. I'm really proud of them, too,” Logan said.

Logan and his family just conquered parks in Kansas City and St. Louis.

They plan on tackling Mystic Timbers Friday afternoon.

To learn more about Logan, and Koaster Kids, click here.

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