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Middletown mom says man tried to lure teen, police stepping up patrols in the area


A Middletown mother said her son’s walk home last Friday was anything but normal. She said a man in a white van tried to get her son to get in his vehicle.
“He was walking on 1st Avenue with a group of his friends and the van approached, slowed down and took a picture of the group," Heather Meadows said.
Her son is 15-years-old and at first didn’t think much of it until the man came back around.
“My son split from the group to come home,” she said. “The man approached him. He said he pulled up, stopped, took a picture and then told him to come get in the van.”
Her 15-year-old said no and ran home. He was able to get some type of description of the guy before he took off.

“He is a black man with a bald head in a white van. He said there was some type of writing on the van, but you couldn't read it, like it had been scratched off. It was a bluish grey color and there was no back windows in the van,” she said.
Police in their report filled out Friday said they would keep checking the area.
FOX19 NOW contacted the Middletown School District, and a spokesperson said they were unaware of the story.

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