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Police: Thieves stealing fuel from gas tanks in Franklin

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Some Franklin residents are on alert after fuel was stolen right out of their gas tanks. One report was on Pam Street, and another incident reportedly happened on Highridge Court.

Alisha Beckett said the next time someone comes to her house to steal gas from her van they will walk away empty handed.

"It's kind of crazy that you have to lock your gas," said Beckett.

She realized the locking gas cap was a necessity after someone siphoned gas from her tank a few weeks ago.

She saw something was off immediately after getting into her car.

"I noticed on the dashboard. It had the gas cap light on and so I got out just to tighten it that's when I noticed it was not only lose but the car was dirty so you could see some spill marks here," Beckett said. 

She had just filled up the day before and had only had three quarters of a tank left.

She said she was targeted again the next night.

"The second night I had come out and there was another quarter of gas gone, so that's when I decided to go buy the locking cap," Beckett said. 

Franklin police said they have added patrols in the area, but it's a crime that hard to investigate.

"It's just not something that's reported very often. Most people I would hazard to guess wouldn't even realize their gas has been siphoned," said Sgt.Troy Wolf.

He said when it is reported, the suspects are rarely caught because little evidence is left behind.

With gas prices on the rise the thieves might strike again.

However, there are few steps residents can take to protect their vehicles like locking their cars in their garages. Parking in a well-lit area or adding motion lights out of their homes.

Beckett said he thinks she knows why her van was targeted.

"We've got this lot over here and so they could probably get in and out cause it's pretty dark on this side of the cul-de-sac," she said.

Beckett said she's hoping her new locking gas cap will be the end of her problems.

Police are reminding residents to make a report if their gas is stolen so they can monitor the areas targeted the most.

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