Student said she was threatened in NKY high school Snapchat threats

Student said she was among those threatened in NKY high school Snapchat threats

TAYLOR MILL, KY (FOX19) - Scott High School had an extra police presence Tuesday morning after someone was making threats against the school and students.

One student said she was among those threatened. She transferred from the school last year, but said she was included in the threats made.

The threats included kidnapping and sexual assault.

The 16-year-old said she is one of about seven girls who are now afraid of what this person may do. She said the person that uses the name Scottboyexposed on Snapchat.

Besides making bomb threats on Snapchat to the school, he also, according to the victim, made threats of sexual assault.

One Snapchat message reads, "When I'm done I'm gonna cut you limb from limb and dispose of it b****. I wanna rape you you little s***."

She posted on Facebook seeking out other students and found that she was not alone.

"A couple of the girls were really scared... we had a big conversation in the group chat. They were scared to go to school," she said. "One girl, her mom came to pick her up from school today because they weren't doing anything about it, they didn't go through bags."

A Kenton County Schools spokesperson confirmed bags were not checked, but if they were it was only out of precaution.

The student said the person sending the threats also sent a picture of his privates.

Although she doesn't know who Scottyboyexposed is, he called her through the app.

"One time he called me and my friend, and he made moaning noises, and we hung up... and it was extremely disturbing," she said.

The threats have been happening since Monday and are not believed to be credible.

"I don't know if they think it's funny, or if they're just trying to bully the school.  Whatever their motivation may be, they need to realize that they're facing some very serious punishment if they continue this conduct," Kenton Co. Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders said.

Taylor Mill Police are investigating and plan to prosecute the person or persons responsible.

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