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Ripley residents say speed camera system is flawed

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Ripley Police are using a new speed camera to get drivers to slow down near the school zone. Many residents are not happy about the changes, and sounded off during a city council meeting Tuesday night.

Ripley Mayor Tom Leonard told FOX19 NOW the speed cameras are not going anywhere. He said it's a necessity to get drivers to slow down.

Since March, Ripley police have been using this speed camera. An officer holds it as drivers pass. If a driver is caught speeding, a ticket is sent to him or her in the mail without being pulled over.

Amanda Brannock received a ticket earlier this month. 

"When I went through the school zone I noticed there were no lights on," said Brannock.

The flashing school zone lights outside of Ripley Union Lewis Huntington High School typically start at 7:30. Brannock was ticketed for driving 26 mph in a 20 mph zone.

"My ticket was stamped for 7:24. It's a $125 ticket, which I think is outrageous," she said. 

She's not alone, many in the village have also gotten tickets in the mail and they packed into the council meeting Tuesday to let out their frustration. 

"This is not a respectable decision," said one of the residents.

Mayor Leonard said the speed camera is set up because of several complaints of drivers speeding near the high school. 

"Where would we be if a child came out of that school and got hit by a car that did 15 mph over the speed limit, and we didn't have a ticket on them? How many people would be in this room over that," he said. 

Several residents believe this is more about profit than stopping speeders. 

"If it really was about public safety than you would have a concern to stop the act in the process," said one of the residents during the meeting.

Police said since March 30, around 200 citations have been issued. Before the cameras, officers issued around half that number.

The mayor and police chief said the system is working and they have no intention of stopping the use of the cameras. 

"Everyone knows the speed limit. They know we're going to be out here. The only thing I can say is don't speed. Plain and simple," said Mayor Leonard.

Police Chief Joel Barnett said they will check the school zone times to make sure it is accurate going forward. 

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