FOX19 Exclusive: Fake SWAT Robs Family

A local family woke up late Saturday night to SWAT team members holding guns to their heads. But after a terrifying half hour, the family found out they had been robbed.

Springfield Township Police tell Fox19 News the apparent SWAT team was not local, county, or federal officers. They're looking for men who possibly dressed up in SWAT uniforms, wearing badges and carrying guns, and took more than $11,000 in cash and jewelry from the family.

The family does not want to be identified, but in an exclusive interview with Fox 19 News, they say the men came to the door claiming they were police officers. When the door opened, four men rushed in, woke up everyone in the house and held them at gunpoint on the couch. According to the family, the men said they were looking for a man who was selling drugs out of the house. One family member secretly reached in her purse and called 911 from her cell phone. The call picked up some of what the men were saying.

"We got a call saying he was in here," the man says. "That's why we went and got a search warrant." But the family says the warrant looked like a fake.

Later, after the men found a safe with cash and jewelry, they said they were leaving and their backup was coming in. "K-9 is going to be coming in at any second," the man says. "Please whatever you do, they know you're sitting on the couch, don't make any sudden moves."

But K-9 never came. The family says the fake SWAT ransacked the bedrooms on their second floor. They believe the men were looking for drugs and picked the wrong house. Police continue to investigate.