DNA Lab Not Allowed To Solve Crimes

It sounds like an episode of C.S.I.. Local prosecutors believe they've solved the 1994 rape of an elderly woman in Kenwood. 37 year old Keith Hawkins of Walnut Hills has been indicted on rape and burglary charges after investigators did DNA testing on ten year old evidence. Hawkins has not been convicted of the brutal, July 17, 1994 rape but DNA test results are so advanced there's no doubt the evidence investigators say they collected inside the elderly victim's home came from him.. A Fairfield DNA testing facility known the world over for paternity testing wants to help Ohio put rapists behind bars, but they're not yet being allowed to help. DNA Diagnostics Center works closely with hit TV shows like Maury Povich and they are certified to churn out results on criminal cases in less than two weeks. The state crime lab in London, Ohio is currrently taking months or years. DDC Laboratory Director, Dr. Michael Baird tells FOX 19, "I think a lot of this is we've learned a lot doing paternity in terms of how to batch samples how to do things a lot faster." Ohio's new law requiring all convicted felons to submit to a DNA mouth swab is also contributing to the state's slow processing. The Fairfield lab hopes state legislators will consider allowing private companies to do the bulk of forensic dna testing in the future. A mouth swab taken earlier this year while Hawkins was doing time for another crime was used to match DNA evidence found in 1994 at the Kenwood woman's home.