Metropolitan Sewer District received hundreds of calls after rain storms

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - More rain moving into the area is causing some concerns for residents.
"As a home owner, I'm nervous every time it rains or there's going to be a heavy rain," said North Avondale homeowner
Timothy Lane.

Lane's basement is still partially gutted after an August rain storm caused severe flooding. Heavy rain over the last few days has caused water to pool in his basement.

"I'm constantly looking out the windows to make sure that the water is flowing on the street and that we are not getting any water in our house. So, it can be taxing on you as a home owner," said Lane.

On Saturday, some residents in Sharonville were trying to dry things out after Friday night and Saturday morning storms. 

MSD has already received more than 250 reports about backups and is expecting more than 300.

"We're always ready and prepared for the possibility of backups. All of our crews are ready. It just depends on how hard it rains," said
Deb Leonard with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati.

MSD will send a crew out to investigate and if it's determined that the backup is caused by the public sewer system, MSD will schedule a free cleaning of your property.

"It may surprise people to that most sewer backups are not cause by the public sewer. They are caused by an issue with your private building sewer," said Leonard.

According to MSD, if you intend to submit a claim to MSD for property damage, please thoroughly document damages to your property to the best of your ability by:

- Photographing the flooded area.
- Photographing where the water is entering the building.
- Photographing structural damages to your property (e.g., dry wall, paneling, flooring, carpet, furnace, hot water heater).
- Creating an inventory list of personal property that is damaged or destroyed.
- Photographing personal property on the inventory list that is damaged or destroyed.

Only documented damages are eligible for reimbursement.
Claim forms are available online at or by calling (513) 244-5100

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