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North College Hill police warn of Larosa's scam

Larosa's Buddy Card Larosa's Buddy Card

The North College Hill Police Department is investigating after complaints of a woman and her children selling Larosa's Buddy Cards, but not delivering them.

Police said the suspect is a female in her 30's accompanied by two female children, around 12-years-old, and sells the cards for an unknown organization, but doesn't deliver the cards after the victim pays for them.

"You see kids and you just want to help kids so and that's what they're thinking their doing, but they're not," Buddy Card holder Jamie Cain said. "She's just taking the money from them. I just think it's horrible."

If someone offers to sell you a Buddy card, they will either have the Buddy Card with them to sell you or will provide you with a receipt specifically telling you the name of the organization they are selling the Buddy Cards for and when you will receive the Buddy Card, according to police. 

"Our Buddy Card program has helped hundreds of groups raise money over the past 25 years. It's unfortunate that apparently someone may be taking advantage of the program. If someone is selling Buddy Cards, they will either have the actual card or a receipt with a promised delivery date," Larosa's CEO, Mike LaRosa released in a statement. 

Police also advise to make sure you receive an official receipt or the Buddy Card at the time of purchase, and obtain the name of the seller and a phone number of the organization that is sponsoring the fund raiser.

If you are unsure if you are being scammed, don't purchase them.

If you have any information or questions, you're asked to contact the North College Hill Police Department with at 513-521-7171.

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